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Publisher: Proctor Publications
Release Date: July, 1996
ISBN: 1928623069
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre: Mystery
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Dennis Collins
Reviewer Notes:

Silent Conspiracy
By Lee E. Meadows  

     Lincoln Keller had his career as a defensive back for the Oakland Raiders shortened by a knee injury and his subsequent police profession ended after witnessing the tragic death of a young child. Now he finds himself back in his hometown of Detroit, partnered with his brother in a private investigation venture. Linc is a likable and determined sort of guy with a reasonably respectful value base. He sometimes bends the rules but never to the breaking point.

     Linc takes a case which involves finding a long lost singing group known as "The Sentiments." The quintet's rapidly rising star was suddenly extinguished when they disappeared forty-some years ago after appearing at popular nightclub in Detroit's "Black Bottom." Erotica, a beautiful and mysterious woman is the client who hires the private detective to locate missing fraternity.

     Following a cold scent is a big enough challenge, but when Linc begins his investigation, he's further hampered by a cloud of misinformation, withheld facts, and violent attempts to stop his hunt for the answers. He encounters a variety of players along the way, some of them helpful, some interesting and amusing, and some of them downright dangerous.

     The plot is complicated but very well-presented and each member of the unusually large cast of characters is individually developed enough to make them unique and keep things from getting confusing. It's an exiting story that doesn't allow itself to get bogged down by the necessary mundane details that surround any investigation.

     Author Lee Meadows show his Detroit roots with his understanding of the city's culture, heritage, and geography. He has a poetic and melodic command of the language that keeps you wanting to read more.

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