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Publisher: Pemberley Press
Release Date: October 30, 2002
ISBN: 097027274X - Limited edition
Awards: Benjamin Franklin Award
Format Reviewed: Hardcover
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Genre: Mystery / Historical (England & France, 1715)
Reviewer: Brenda Weeaks
Reviewer Notes:

The Spider’s Touch
Blue Satan Mystery Series, No. 2

By Patricia Wynn  

     I’ve have been anticipating the sequel of the Blue Satan series. Every time I passed my bookshelf and caught sight of the first book, I wished the sequel a speedy appearance. Well, once it arrived, I couldn’t help but wonder if The Spider’s Touch would hold up to the success of The Birth of Blue Satan.

      The series left off with Hester working for her cousin, Isabella. Isabella is married to Harrowby, the man given Viscount St. Mars’s title and estates. In this job, Hester is forced to witness her family’s abuse and waste while living the high life.

     Gideon St. Mars (Blue Satan) is in France. He’s been given the impression that his father was murdered for political reasons and that his loss of lands and title was because he wasn’t a Whig. Politics play a large role in this series.

In France, the Marquise Oglethrope arrives to seek Gideon’s aid in helping The Pretender (James Stuart) take the throne of England. Gideon agrees to carry messages to England, but with stipulations, one being a full pardon. Gideon heads back to England to meet a Duke and discover his plans for the uprising in James’s favor.

     Readers are bounced between Gideon and Hester as they deal with the positions they have been forced into since the last book. While in England, Gideon will not seek out Hester for fear of bringing trouble on her. That is, until he spots her and Isabella at a spy’s home. It’s dangerous, but the two are nonetheless excited to meet again. Later a web of intrigue and politics turns to murder, involving them both.

     Yes, the sequel does live up to its predecessor. The Spider’s Touch unfolds slowly, meticulously, revealing layer upon layer. The historical period and the characters come to life in one’s mind through descriptions, mannerisms and historical details. These are so vivid one can almost hear horses’ hooves on the street and the deep rumbling of male voices, discussing politics.

Ms. Wynn has created a series uniquely her own. With The Spider’s Touch, she has increased the chances of this series becoming a classic.

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