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Publisher: Time Warner Audio Books 
Release Date: August 2003
ISBN: 1586215116
Format Reviewed: Audio Cassette - Abridged edition
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Genre: Suspense / Police
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Brenda Weeaks
Reviewer Notes:

Street Dreams
Faye Kellerman
Nancy McKeon (Reader)

     In this book, Faye Kellerman takes her LAPD series a step further, having series regular Detective Peter Decker play a minor role to that of his daughter, Cindy Decker.

     Cindy finds a newborn in an alley. Cindy feels a connection to the baby and makes a connection to the male nurse caring for her. Although not a detective, Cindy wants to find out who the baby belongs to. Twists and turns lead her to a special young person in need, which eventually leads to the conclusion of the unspeakable. Daddy Decker plays the old wise one, and those following the series know he's earned the title. Decker advises his daughter on how to handle not only the case, but a shooting she and the male nurse are involved in. Cindy and her dad make a great team. Let's hope they work together more in the future.

     In reading Street Dreams, readers will be entertained by the police action, energized by the suspense and truly saddened by an honest look at racism and shabby treatment of the disabled.

     Faye Kellerman is one heck of a writer. Her plots are contemporary, daring and never-ending, and I'm sure her fans are thrilled about that.

     Nancy McKeon, known as "Jo" on the Facts of Life and a regular on the Lifetime drama The Division, is the audio book narrator. Although she does the reading well, her New York accent does get in the way at times.

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