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Publisher: Intrigue Press
Release Date: May, 2003
ISBN: 1890768499
Awards: Winner of the Cat Writers Association Certificate of Excellence and the 1999 Readers Choice Award for Best Series Character for the Cassidy McCabe Series
Format Reviewed: Hardcover
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Genre: Mystery
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Nancy Mehl
Reviewer Notes: Some explicit language

Reviewer Nancy Mehl is the author of "Graven Images" and "Sinner's Song."

Wedding’s Widow
A Cassidy McCabe Mystery, No. 7
By Alex Matthews 

     Cassidy McCabe is a psychotherapist whose patient, Claire Linden, is getting married. Although Claire’s recovery from an abusive past relationship is something Cassidy is proud of, she carries some concerns about Claire’s husband-to-be, Max O’Connell, worrying that he may not be the right person for Claire.

     Cassidy’s apprehension about the pending union is resolved when Max is shot to death – during the ceremony. Of course, this violent act throws Claire back into a familiar despair, and it’s Cassidy’s job to pull her out of it. But roles become confused and lines blur when Claire appeals to Cassidy and her husband, reporter Zach Moran, to investigate the killing. The prime suspect is Claire’s ex-husband, but she is convinced that he would never have killed anyone in front of their daughter, Molly. Claire wants him cleared for her daughter’s sake.

     As Cassidy begin to delve into the life and relationships that surrounded Max, she finds herself the target of a stalker who threatens her more than once with violence. She is determined to find the truth behind the killing. She and Zach forge ahead, trying to sort out clues and characters that could point to someone else as the killer.

     This is my first chance to read an Alex Matthews novel and it won’t be my last. Her characters are strong and well presented. The twists and turns are expertly plotted and although you are given a road map to figure out who the murderer is, you will still be guessing up until the last moment. In particular, I appreciated the depth of the characterizations. Ms. Matthews does a terrific job of giving the reader a sense of insight into her main characters. Super read!

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