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Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Release Date: April 6, 2004
ISBN: 0425194906
Format Reviewed: Mass Market Paperback
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Genre: Historical Mystery / Cozy / WWII, England
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Brenda Weeaks

Reviewer Notes:

Review Two


Berried Alive
Manor House Mysteries, No. 6
By Kate Kingsbury

     The Manor House series, known for its old-fashioned appeal, offers readers a mixture of village charm, lively characters, and imaginative mysteries. It’s a winning mix for Kingsbury. Be sure to check out her first series, The Pennyfoot Hotel mysteries.

      In Berried Alive, Lady Elizabeth Compton wants to see the American Major more. Polly wants to see the Three Musketeers and the Manor House ghosts less. Sadie wants others to see Winnie Churchill, like she did. And Violet wants Martin to “just see.”

      Major Earl and Lady Compton eventually do spend more time together, but mostly due to the deaths of four American servicemen. Everyone at Sitting Marsh can feel the animosity building between the Brit and US soldiers. The Americans are based at Sitting Marsh for England’s protection, but some resent their occupation. Tense moments, pranks, and fights are expected, but not four murders in a row. Lady E., feeling responsible for the actions of Sitting Marsh, investigates the deaths and comes up with the possible conclusions.

      The folks at Sitting Marsh and the Manor are feeling love struck, spooked, some what muddled, and definitely temperamental. Only Lady E., with the comfort and guidance of the Major, can keep them on track. But for how long? Lady E. maybe responsible and generous, but she also has feelings. And right now her emotions are quietly wrapped up in one man, who gives her some startling news once the mystery is solved.

     Berried Alive is mystery number six. Clues are scattered throughout; the twists are as curvy as Sitting Marsh’s dirt roads, and the surprise conclusion is well hidden. When all is said and done, series readers will be left with a Manor House cliff hanger…. Don’t miss it!