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Publisher: Berkley
Release Date: Novr 2, 2004
ISBN: 0425199231
Format Reviewed: Mass Market Paperback
Genre:   Traditional / Cozy Mystery
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Brenda Weeaks

Bound for Murder
Scrapbooking Mystery Series, No. 3
By Laura Childs

    Carmela is the proprietor of Memory Mine, a scrapbook shop located in the French quarter of New Orleans. Gabby works for her and Ava, Baby, Byrle, Wren, and Tandy are her everyday customers. Most of these ladies have helped her to solve mysteries in the past. This time its Wren who needs Carmela's problem-solving mind. Carmela is helping with Wren's pre-wedding dinner at an old haunted mansion. Before the dinner starts, Carmela finds Jamie, local bookseller and groom, stabbed to death. Jamie tried to write something in his blood, at least that's what Carmela thinks. The local police aren't the best at taking notice of such things or solving cases, which is why Wren asks Carmela to help her find the killer. During a sleep over at Wren and Jamie's nearly restored limestone, the scrapbookers and Boo, Carmela's dog, are chased off by an unwanted visitor. By the time the evening is over, Carmela has plenty of questions, but no answers. As the Scrapbook shop gets back to normal and Carmela helps Wren with Biblios Booksellers, things take on an ominous tone. Carmela needs to solve the mystery of the bloody writing and find the killer before any more harm comes to her group of friends.

     "Bound for Murder" is a cozy addition to an already popular series. The storyline drifts from scrap booking and crafts, to Carmela's personal life, to the mystery. Transition between the three is seamless. Memory Mine has a contemporary charm and a proprietor who rivals Miss Marple. Expect the mystery and the scrapbook comradery to keep the pages turning. Included in the book are tips on scrapbook, stamping, and crafts, as well as Favorite New Orleans recipes. Be sure to check out Laura Child's Teashop mystery series.

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