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Publisher: William Morrow / HarperCollins
Release Date: 2004
ISBN: 0-06-000462-2
Format Reviewed:
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Genre: Mystery/Suspense
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Jeff Shelby

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Reviewer Jeff Shelby is the author of "Dead Week."


Dirty South
Nick Travers Series
By Ace Atkins

      Ace Atkins' newest book Dirty South is a gripping tale that takes readers into the world of new school rap music and old school violence.

     Former NFL defensive lineman and current blues tracker working out of Tulane University, Nick Travers has only 24 hours to save the life of former teammate, Teddy Paris, who now manages a rap music label. Nick must locate half a million dollars conned from Paris' young star, Alias, before a group of killers come calling on Paris. As Nick tries to establish a relationship with the young star in order to locate the money and save his friend, he begins to realize that everything and everyone may not be what they seem.

      As in his previous three novels, Atkins places the story in and around New Orleans and the Mississippi Delta, bringing to life the sights, sounds, and smells of the Deep South. As a native of Alabama and a current professor at the University of Mississippi, Atkins perfectly captures the detail and idiosyncrasies of the region, creating as realistic of a setting as there is in crime fiction.

      The characters are diverse and believable, the dialogue is sharp and intelligent, and the story is unveiled with a deft touch and brought to an electric and tragic conclusion. Nick Travers is also one of the best protagonists on page today, and this fourth entry in the series gives him even more complexity and depth.

      Atkins has once again written a book that deserves to find the top of the bestseller lists and should place him near the top of the best crime fiction writers working today.