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Time Warner Audio Books
Release Date: March 1, 2004
ISBN: 1586216015
Format Reviewed: Audio CD - 5 CDs
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Mystery / police / fiction / African American
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Brenda Weeaks
Reviewer Notes: Profanity, violence, racism and reverse racism

Hard Revolution
Derek Strange Series, No 4
By George Pelecanos

Read by Lance Reddick

       A store owner gives a young thief a reprieve. Years later, police officer Dereck Strange remembers how that reprieve shaped his life. His brother, Dennis, isn't so lucky. As a young man, he suffered from the weight of drug addition and hatred against white America. Years later, Dereck is working on the side of the law, while his brother joins up with a drug pusher. Dereck ends up investigating a case involving his brother, and this time it's the ultimate test of self-control.

      Frank Vaughn is an older cop investigating the hit and run of a young black boy. Vaughn and Dereck's paths eventually cross, and the two end up just a blink away from crossing a line that can't be erased. During this intense time, riots take hold of Washington at the news of Martin Luther King's assassination. The rioting backdrop is powerful.

       In Hard Revolution, vivid scenes of history intertwine with Pelecanos' story of drugs and murder. The dialogue is emotionally strong - sometimes disturbingly so - giving it the characteristics of a hard-boiled mystery. However, the story as a whole reads like historical literature. Introductions and explanations are drawn out, the police cases are slow in evolving, and at times, the rioting backdrop overwhelms the main characters' stories.

      Actor Lane Reddick narrates Hard Revolution solo. His voice effectively carries the intensity of the storyline.

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