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A Confidential Source

By Jan Brogan

     Hallie Ahern is an investigative reporter on the run from her own past. After making a bad judgment call at her former job in Boston, she has moved to Providence, Rhode Island to get her life, and hopefully, her career back on track.

     One evening while shopping at a favorite little local grocery store, Hallie is drawn into a story that will either get her career back on track or kill her in the process. She is at the back of the store, in an area that cannot be seen, when someone comes in and shoots the clerk, killing him instantly.

     Because the clerk is a friend and Hallie was on the scene, she has a advantage over the other reporters, She can put her personal spin on what kind of person the victim is and how horrifying it was to hide out of sight, while this was going on.

     As the story progresses Hallie deals with many issues--A late night radio talk show host, a handsome district attorney, apparent mob ties, her own loneliness, a forming gambling addiction and finally her need to find the real reason behind her friend's death.

     A Confidential Source is author Jan Brogans second book. She is an award-winning journalist who also won the Drood Review of Mystery Editors choice award for her first book Final Copy.

     It is obvious from page one that Jan Brogan is indeed a journalist. Her main character is a journalist and the reader can feel that the writer knows of what she speaks. She also makes the characters real; they are not perfect and have flaws the same as everyday people.

     A Confidential Source was a good story with enough twists and turns to keep the readers attention to the very end.

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Susan Johnson
Reviewed 2005
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