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Branded Woman

by Wade Miller

      Cay Morgan has had a successful career as an international jewelry smuggler. She was warned that she was trespassing on the Trader's territory but ignored the warning. Thus, she was abducted and scarred for life as a warning to stay out of the Trader's way.

Cay vows revenge and for years has tried to learn the Trader's identity. Finally she believes she has traced him to Mazatian, Mexico. She travels there with George Hodd, a detective hired to locate the man whom she believes will lead her to the Trader. She is determined to kill the Trader when she finds him. The trail is a torturous one with much misdirection and lots of with a suspenseful climax and a surprising ending.

This is a reissue of an earlier hard boiled mystery. It is a simple story of a determined woman in search of revenge. The writing is clear-cut and uncluttered with most attention given to the action and characters. This is a typical example of the mysteries written during in that time.

The Book

Hard Case Crime
July 2005 (originally published 1952)
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The Reviewer

Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2005
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