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Bye, Bye Bertie

By Rick Dewhurst

     Joe LaFlam is a Christian detective who lives in Seattle. No, wait a minute. Joe LaFlam is a cab driver who lives in Canada. Is that right? Then there's John Doe who is… Oh, never mind.

       Let's try it again. Joe LaFlam is a Christian detective who believes he lives in Seattle, but according to everyone else, he is in Canada. He drives a cab at night and lives with his mother. And he can't figure out why he isn't married yet. (Sigh.) It is a mystery isn't it?

       Encouraged by his pastor to fast, Joe sets out on a 21 day "juice only" fast. And he is committed to it - even though his mother does manage to slip some Clamato into the mix. One question haunts Joe: Is Clamato really juice? I mean, what part of the clam does the juice come from? (By the way, I don't really want the answer to this.) As he ponders this mind-numbing question and waits for his spiritual acuity to soar due to his physical sacrifice, Joe is presented with a Groundhog Day case. The same thing seems to happen over and over although the main character changes. But…let's just start with the first one, okay?

      Miss Brittany Morgan comes to Joe's office, asking for help. Her sister, Bertie, has been kidnapped by an evil Droid…I mean Druid. She needs Joe to take a large sum of money to a trash dumpster at the zoo, near the monkey cage, so that her sister will be released. Of course, she is $20,000 short - just the amount of money Joe inherited from his grandmother. Being a devoted Christian, made even more spiritual through fasting (although he just started), Joe feels compelled to make up the difference. He delivers the money - but uh oh - it disappears, along with Brittany (who was possible marriage material). The next day, Bertie Morgan appears (also possible marriage material) and tells Joe that Brittany has been kidnapped by the same evil Druid. And well, things go downhill after that.

      Then there are the evil spelunkers who are planning a one world government and want Joe dead because…. Oh, never mind.

       Bye, Bye Bertie is a roller-coaster ride you're not sure you want to go on once you look over the first big hill, but after you've ridden awhile, you know you're hooked for good. Rick Dewhurst has created an absolute gem. I don't remember ever laughing so much over a book. Dewhurst manages to make fun of just about everyone - so no one should be offended. Christians will laugh at themselves; non-Christians will laugh at Christians; everyone will laugh at Joe, and well, trust me - buy this book. Unless your funny bone has been surgically removed, you will absolutely love Bye, Bye Bertie.

       I give it my very highest (standing on my tiptoes!) recommendation!

The Book

Broadman & Holman
January 2005
Trade Paperback
Mystery / Humor
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The Reviewer

Nancy Mehl
Reviewed 2005
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