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Close Enough for Government Work

by Alan L. Hutcheson

      Ted is having a really bad day. First he gets fired from his day job. Then he gets fired from his night job. Next he finds out that Sarah, his beloved guitar, has been pawned by his landlady. She demands three months back rent in exchange for the pawn ticket. To cap off a really crummy day, he runs into Jerry, an old "friend." The last time Ted saw Jerry they were in Chicago, running for their lives.

     Understandably, Ted's welcome is somewhat less than cordial. But Jerry brings intriguing news. A secret government agency is in need of their services. They are willing to pay the men ten grand each. Only Ted's love for Sarah would cause him to get mixed up with this lunatic again.

        Someone is selling government secrets to the Chinese. These secrets have been placed inside the hidden compartment of a boomerang. Opals are in there too. Before the feds can prevent it, the boomerang is stolen. Kenny may be only a petty thief, but he knows that the pretty stones are worth a bundle.

      Kenny brags to his crazy momma about his big score. She demands a cut of the action. When he doesn't show at the meeting point, she goes after him dragging her shy sister along.

      This book is a roller coaster ride of a mystery, filled with a cast of crazies that kept me chuckling from page one. I look forward to reading more books by this new author.

The Book

December 2004
Trade Paperback
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Sheila Griffin
Reviewed 2005
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