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The Company She Keeps

by Diana Reynolds Chambers

      What would you be willing to do for your country?

Young Evelyn Walker ends up in Washington DC, alone and with no money. Her mother disappeared when she was young and her father is so angry about her leaving North Carolina that he forbids her to return home. Evelyn meets a wonderful man who molds her from an innocent country girl into a beautiful young woman. Her idyllic life is shattered when she is approached by CIA agent Nick Daley, who informs Evelyn that her new love is actually a Russian spy.

Appealing to her sense of patriotism, Nick recruits Evelyn to work undercover for the CIA. This sets off Evelyn's series of adventures that carries her to exotic places like Paris and Bali, under the ever-watchful eyes of Nick. Evelyn struggles to balance her sense of duty with her personal values and must decide how much she is willing to sacrifice for her country.

Diana Chamber's book is a fast-paced tale of a young girl's transition into womanhood. It gives us an inside look at what moves in the shadowy side of The Company. I recommend this book to anyone who likes romantic suspense stories.

The Book

Aventine Press
February 28, 2005
Thriller and Espionage &Intrigue
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NOTE: Some sexual content

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Jennifer Glick
Reviewed 2005
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