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Dangerous Depths
An Underwater Investigation

by Kathy Brandt

      Imagine waking up to find that your neighbor and dear friend's home is burning and you can't find your friend until it's almost too late. This is what happens to homicide detective Hannah Sampson. She awakens to find her neighbor Elyse Henry's houseboat on fire. Elyse is an activist dedicated to saving endangered species. Even though the explosion and fire are ruled accidental, Hannah is not convinced and is determined to help her friend. While her friend lies in a coma at the hospital, Hannah is taken on a journey that involves killers, turtles, friends and enemies. Will she be able to find the person who caused the houseboat explosion in time?

     Ms. Brandt does a great job in capturing the reader's attention within the first few pages and keeps the reader's attention throughout Dangerous Depths. The mystery of the explosion is captivating and has the reader question if it was an accident until proven otherwise. The information about the deep sea diving and the turtles' migration patterns shows the amount of research and utilization of personal knowledge that Ms. Brandt uses to create a fantastic mystery for her old and new fans.

The Book

May 2005
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Jen Oliver
Reviewed 2005
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