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Deader Than Disco

By David Hiltbrand

     Jim McNamara is a rock 'n roll detective. He wanders into this profession after being thrown out of the record business because of his drug and alcohol addiction. Although Jim is now sober and regularly attends AA meetings, he still can relate to the people in the music industry and knows their addictions.

     Angela "Angel" Chiavone is a rock star that has managed to stay at the top of the pop charts for twenty years. Angel is in trouble; she is being charged with the murder of Gentry Jones, a rising NBA star, and she is missing. Jim is hired to find Angel and to clear her name. He quickly finds that this will not be an easy task, because Angel seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth without a trace.

     Deader Than Disco takes the reader inside the world of the music industry to see the darker side that is hidden by the glitter, hype and thrill. David Hiltbrand creates a sleuth who has a unique niche, struggles with his addictions, and is endearing in his own way. Deader Than Disco is a well written and enjoyable read that I recommend.

The Book

Avon / HarperCollins
April 1, 2005
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Robin Thomas
Reviewed 2005
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