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Death at Blenheim Palace
Edwardian Mystery Series

by Robin Paige

     Set in romantic Oxford, England, Death at Blenheim Palace takes readers on a meandering tour of Edwardian Oxford and the life of a Duke and Duchess. The history and the setting of the novel are dreamy and vastly intriguing. Figures from history are given life in this book as they interact with purely fictitious characters as they work together to solve a murder mystery and stop a powerful crime ring from stealing valuable jewels.

      For anyone who's been to Oxford or Blenheim Palace itself, this book is a must. For others who enjoy a fascinating jaunt through history wrapped into their pleasure reading, I would highly recommend this book. The characters are interesting and the setting can't be beat. The only criticism I had of the book is that the authors (a husband and wife team who use the pen name Robin Paige) tend to beat the reader over the head with a few details. Several pages were devoted to different characters pondering the exact same thing at almost the same length and detail. The comparisons drawn between the current players in the novel and other characters from their history was heavy handed. I felt that it condescended to the reader because it seemed as though the authors didn't think their readers could link the obvious comparisons without being told again and again and a few more times for good measure.

       However, I could overlook this one flaw because the plot and setting were so vivid and engaging. The cast of characters draw the reader into their extraordinary world and the footnotes pointing readers to further information about the real life people the characters represent were fascinating. A list of references at the end of the book gives readers the opportunity to find out more about the exquisite history surrounding the people and places in this book. Overall, this book is well worth reading and is enjoyable historically as well as a being a fun romp with characters who brilliantly work through a mystery.

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