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Face Down Below The Banqueting House

By Kathy Lynn Emerson

     Here is the eighth volume chronicling the adventures of Susannah, Lady Appleton, a series that shows no sign of running out of steam. This time, the Queen is looking for somewhere to stay on her perambulation of Kent, and the unpleasant Brian Tymberley recommends Leigh Abbey. Of course it has to be made ready for the royal visit and this includes the construction of a strange tree house, where the guest will sup their dessert course. Maybe this is too good a place for a murder, but that is what occurs and Susannah has to find out whodunit before the Queen arrives, and a lot else besides.

     There is a big story bursting out of this slim volume, and this is just the way a good book ought to be. By book eight, readers are familiar with Susannah and her household (if not, you should begin by reading Face Down in the Marrow Bone Pie).

     I love the way this author capitalizes on the best part of a long-running series - the characters and their intertwining lives. We really get to know these people, and the books are as much about them as they are about solving crimes. This time too there is a dramatis personae and a glossary of unfamiliar terms, both of which had me applauding. The story is a thrilling one, full of twists and turns, historical verisimilitude and some well-placed humor. More please, and soon!

The Book

Perseverance Press (Daniel & Daniel Inc)
April 2005
Historical Crime [1573 Kent & London]
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2005
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