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The Final Solution
Story Of Detection

By Michael Chabon

     Chabon brings an old, familiar detective out of retirement to solve a murder and help a mute boy find his talking parrot. The readers don’t really know who the detective is right away, but do get some subtle hints. It’s WW II, and the retired detective is keeping bees in Sussex, England. A boy walking the train tracks crosses his path. He takes an interest in the boy with the gray parrot, but the child refuses to speak to him. The gray parrot squawks some numbers in German, which piques the aged detective’s interest. The detective runs into the boy again after a man is murdered and the parrot is birdnapped. He’s determined to solve the murder and reunite the boy with his bird—if it’s still alive.

      It was nice to read about one of my favorite detectives. He’s made many a comeback in recent mysteries. The mystery focuses mostly on the talking parrot and the boy. The main characters—Linus, the detective, and the Panicker family—will draw you in, and Linus will steal your heart. The Final Solution is a delightful gem—perfect for an evening of entertainment.

    British actor Michael York narrates the audio version. It’s a calm, patient read. Be sure to share this one with your cozy mystery buddies.

The Book

Fourth Estate / HarperCollins
November 1, 2004
Mystery / Cozy
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The Reviewer

Brenda Weeaks
Reviewed 2005
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