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Grave Review
A Jubilee Showboat Mystery

by Cynthia Thomason

      When Gwen Barlow, the manager of the showboat, Jubilee Palace, and her crew and family arrive in Moss Hollow, Kentucky things are going well. The previous debts inherited from her uncle had been satisfied and most of the cast appears to be looking forward to performing in front of a new audience--until the father of the lead actress turns up dead. It soon becomes clear there were many of the townspeople who had reason to want him dead, including his daughter, cast member Marianne. Gwen soon finds herself in a familiar position--feeling as if she has to help solve the mystery so her showboat will be free to leave Moss Hollow.

One again, Ms. Thomason pens a delightful book. Not only do readers get a chance to get reacquainted with the various cast members of the Jubilee Palace, but they also get to see the relationship between Gwen and Carson Stockwell, her handsome captain, bloom. In addition to the mystery, which is sufficiently engrossing to keep readers turning the pages, Ms. Thomason allows readers to see a different side of Gwen when an unwanted baby is left on the Jubilee Palace.

I found Ms. Thomason's Grave Review, even more delightful than I found Stagestruck, the first book in the Jubilee Showboat Mystery series. Readers who appreciate a hint of romance interwoven with a well-plotted mystery within the framework of a series will greatly enjoy Grave Review. I eagerly look forward to traveling back in time to the 1800's to once again solve mysteries with Gwen Barlow.

The Book

Five Star
Historical Mystery [19th C USA]
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The Reviewer

Mary Lynn
Reviewed 2005
NOTE: Reviewer Mary Lynn is the author of Dear Cari.
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