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Hidden Under the Corporate Ladder

by J L LaMay

      Jackie leaves her salesman career in Missouri to take a job with the prestigious housing company Manufactured Housing Association in Dallas, Texas. The new job promises a bright future with great potential. Jackie has been a top salesperson in her past employment and believes she will be equally successful here. The new job turns out to be a nightmare. She is hired to figure out why a corporation's branch location isn't productive. At the branch location her investigations are blocked by one of the top men who she learns is a criminal with mob connections protected in the Witness Protection Program. He has discovered her mission, which will jeopardize his position. He had "taken care of" the last person who had been about to snitch on him. He threatens to do away with her if she reveals any wrongdoing on his part. She receives no backing from her superiors; in fact she discovers they are guilty of misappropriation of funds as well as sexual harassment. She has to fight against extreme sexual harassment and corruption.

Jackie is a strong woman who is a pillar of strength, which sets an example of what today's woman has to endure in the business world. There is no glass ceiling there for women who have an almost losing battle to succeed.

This is a powerful story that keeps the reader's interest riveted in the progress of Jackie's life. The reader is given an insight into the workings of the Witness Protection Program and its apparent weaknesses.

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Turn Key Press
Trade paperback
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Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2005
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