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How to Marry a Murderer
A Paige Turner mystery

by Amanda Matetsky

      Paige Turner has always wanted to be a crime/detective writer. She has had a true crime story published. She is the first woman writer ever employed by a national detective magazine. She works with Daring Detective magazine editors Brandon Pomeroy and Harvey Crockett, but is only given office investigative work at all.

It is her good fortune that when Pomeroy leaves the office for a protracted lunch, Ginger Allen, television's most popular personality since Lucille Ball arrives in the office demanding Paige's services. Ginger has read Paige's story and will settle for no one else. Ginger, a very demanding star, has many enemies and is convinced that one of them is determined to kill her. Paige believes that the many mishaps that have befallen Ginger are accidents. She changes her mind when Ginger falls to her death from her penthouse balcony. Now she must use her investigative abilities to find the murderer.

The author has successfully evoked the spirit of the people and the times of the 1950's and New York. The characters are delightful, especially Paige who is hardworking, energetic, clever and funny; and her friend Abby Moscowitz, Bohemian beatnik artist and free love enthusiast; not to neglect Detective Dan Street, who must cope with the ambitious Paige. The plot is well constructed and well written. The action is swift with numerous hilarious situations. The reader is kept in suspense, never knowing who the murderer is.

The Book

Berkley Prime Crime
July 2005
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Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2005
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