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Hunter Killer

by Patrick Robinson
Performed by Simon Vance

      Patrick Robinson, author of Scimitar Sl-2, U.S.S. Seawolf and Barracuda 945, brings listeners another action-packed military thriller. It's 2009. America has a new president, but surprise, surprise, the world -- and France -- still aren't happy with the US. A Saudi Prince wants to overthrow the Saudi royal family. France and their Hunter Killer submarines take part in the coup d'état, along with a Colonel Jacques Gamoudi. The oil or lack of it, affects the US. The government brings in Admiral Morgan along with Lieutenant Commander Ramshawe. When the two learn about the takeover, they also discover an old nemesis, Rashood, is involved. Morgan and Ramshawe's goal? to catch the lead man -- Gamoudi -- in the takeover. Scene after scene is military action, technology, and political planning. As with any of Robinson's other military thrillers, listeners can expect big screen action in this abridged audio edition.

      Simon Vance narrates Hunter Killer. At some points the reading did lull a bit, but the action of the novel itself kept my attention. I discovered Robinson's novels through audio books and still find them most enjoyable in this format.

The Book

May 1, 2005
Audio CD - Abridged edition
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NOTE: violence, language

The Reviewer

Brenda Weeaks
Reviewed 2005
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