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Killer Chameleon

By Chassie West

     The title, "Killer Chameleon" certainly fits this book because the killer assumes so many different likenesses, changing appearances and identities from one minute to the next to fit the situation as she stalks former D.C. cop Leigh Ann Warren. At first it all seems like annoying mischief but soon turns to vandalism and finally escalates to murder.

      Leigh is going through a lot of changes in her life and would like to concentrate on the new career in her future as well as her upcoming wedding. The Chameleon has other plans as she constantly undermines and disrupts Leigh's efforts and preparations.

      When Leigh's fiance's housekeeper is found dead and stuffed in the trunk of a car once belonging to Leigh, the investigation shifts into high gear. The killer is not deterred by police pressure and continues to get closer and closer to her intended victim. The closer she gets, the more the drama and tension build.

     One of the things that I enjoyed most about this book was Ms West's graphic development of each character. It's clearly a black and white picture with the good guys who surround Leigh being extremely likable, full of life and full of personality, while the villain is fittingly sinister with a dark persona and a twisted view of the world around her. The story moves at just the right pace, it doesn't make the reader feel rushed but it will satisfy even the most ravenous adventure hound.

     Killer Chameleon is part of a series, and I'm somewhat at a disadvantage for not having read the earlier installments. West, however does a good enough job of filling in a few background details, so I had no problem falling right in step with the action. It's a good book worthy of a starred review.

The Book

Harper Torch
October, 2004
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Dennis Collins
Reviewed 2005
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