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The Maine Mutiny
Murder, She Wrote

By Jessica Fletcher, Donald Bain

     Although I watched the television series religiously, I have not indulged in the writings of Jessica Fletcher's adventures. In The Maine Mutiny the less favorable side of peaceful Cabot Cove, Maine, comes to the surface. The local lobster fishermen are organized in an association reminiscent of New York's Tammany Hall during its decline: graft, price fixing, strong arm tactics, and general bossism rules. In her current role as a feature writer for the local newspaper and a Friends of the Library committee member, Mrs. Fletcher gains access to both a closed meeting of the Lobstermen's Association as well as the homes and families of the various association members and solves the mystery.

     The thing I missed is not hearing the "Murder, She Wrote" voice when reading. I am not referring to Angela Lansbury's physical voice or Doc Haslett's accent; but the voice of the overall project. There was a tone to the TV shows that gave them an individuality that I failed to get out of this book.

     I did enjoy reading this book. The characters were memorable and the puzzle was intriguing. The plot seemed to drag a little bit while the town festival scenario was being set up, but after that it moved at a fair clip. It falls squarely into the "cozy" genre, although sometimes I wonder if you can still consider Jessica an amateur sleuth. She surely has plenty of experience by now to be considered a pro!

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Signet / Penguin Putnam Group
April 5, 2005
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Beth McKenzie
Reviewed 2005
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