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Merry Mascot
A Barry Kincaid mystery #4

By Bobby Jaye Allen

     The Brewster State College mascot, the Brewster Rooster, portrayed by Didi Terry, a female gymnast, is found hanging from the bell tower. In appearance it would seem to be suicide. But the college president, Mossbank, has appealed to Barry Kincaid, who has joined the Early, Michigan, force as a detective, to investigate the incident. Barry finds inconsistencies at the scene that lead him to determine the death to be murder, not suicide. The subsequent autopsy reveals shocking and startling facts about Terry. "She" is really a "he" in the process of having a sex change operation.

     Attempting to find details about Terry's past, which might lead to her (his) murderer, Kincaid travels around the country , uncovering Terry's frustrated Olympic dreams and a troubled life while trying to cope with his (her) sexuality. Kincaid is assisted by his new partner, Alice Drinker, for whom he has romantic feelings. The college president's new executive assistant, Mary Canova, an old friend of Kincaid, is kidnapped. Fears are that she has learned about the killer. In the meantime Geraldine Pozy, Eagle's star reporter, has been looking into the basketball scene and has discovered possible score fixing by gamblers.

     This police procedural with a romantic touch renews our acquaintance with Barry Kincaid and his friends at Early and Brewster.It explores the development of the relationships with each other and the continued love between Lincoln and Pozy. There are wonderful accounts of the Brewster basketball games and team players and coaches. The very touchy subject of transgendering is handled with tact and sensitivity, with sympathy for the Mascot's sexuality.

The Book

Accoladale Books
Dec 9, 2004
Trade paperback
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Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2005
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