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Mew is for Murder

By Clea Simon

      Journalist Theda Krakow finds herself immersed in a mystery of her own when she decides to do a feature on the local cat lady in her neighborhood. Before she can get her story done, the "cat lady" Lillian is found dead on her kitchen floor. Her love for cats finds her with an addition to her family from the "cat lady's" collection. Theda is still suffering the recent loss of her own beloved cat, James and the recent breakup with her boyfriend Rick. Theda isn't so sure she wants a new cat in her life or her apartment.

      Theda's quest brings her to local bars and coffee houses and the band scene set in Cambridge Massachusetts. She meets several interesting characters and isn't so sure the "cat lady" was murdered. But Lillian's friend, Violet, is completely convinced it was murder. Before Violet gets into too much trouble, Theda finds a way to help.

     I found this an enjoyable light-read. While cats are a steady theme here, it's not all about the kitties. Join Theda and friends as they find out who might have put the local "cat lady" out of business. Can Theda find a way to save all the cats? Will she be able to discover the truth about the death of the local "cat lady"?

The Book

Poisoned Pen Press
July 1 2005
Soft cover
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Michelle Shealy
Reviewed 2005
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