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Monet Talks
Den of Antiquity

by Tamar Myers

      Monet Talks is another installment in the delightfully entertaining Den of Antiquity series. Abigail Timberlake Washburn buys the "Taj Mahal" at an estate auction. Of course she did not purchase the real Taj Mahal but a handmade bejeweled replica that is actually a birdcage and comes with its own mynah bird named Monet. Just when Abigail starts to grow fond of the mynah bird someone snatches Monet, leaves a stuffed bird in his place, and a ransom note. Things get even worse when the bird snatcher abducts Mozella, Abigail's mother and sends her crinoline and pearls to Abigail as proof. Will Abigail find the "real Monet" in time to save Mozella from harm?

      Unlike other series that have become stale and repetitious over time, Tamar Myers still has her "groove." Monet Talks is laughing out loud funny due to C.J.'s never-ending tales of her distant relatives and the interactions between Abigail and her other friends and associates in the antiques business. I most highly recommend this book and the others in the series to readers who enjoy cozy mysteries.

The Book

Avon / HarperCollins
May 1, 2005
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Robin Thomas
Reviewed 2005
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