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Most Wanted

By Michelle Martinez

     Michele Martinez is an excellent writer and has put her expertise as a former prosecutor and her high education all to work in this novel of murder, mayhem, and a bit of romantic foolery thrown in for good measure. She has created a character, Melanie Vargas, with flaws, and a detective, Dan O'Reilly, that was paired to her for an investigation, who is sort of an enigma, and stirs the pot together with a time limit on a must-solve murder of a highly placed former city prosecutor who has been hideously murdered. His life is snuffed out by torture that is too horrible to even think about, let alone look at. There are few leads, and only two witnesses in the start of this rushed investigation. It is a tough call, and presents a grittier murder that she must get handled, since she put herself into it without being invited. She is going to have to put her life and her family problems with her husband and all other relationships on hold to meet the deadline. Can she, Det. Dan O'Reilly, and Randall Walker all get it together and solve this murder before there are more? What clandestine involvement does Sophie Cho have in this murder, and why may she possibly become the next victim? What is driving this vengeful murderer? Those are things you will have to read to find out. Enjoy the book and be glad that you don't know some of these characters in person.

     Most Wanted is a page-turner that you will want to finish in one sitting, so be prepared with a pillow, a cup or two of strong coffee, and a warm blanket to curl up in while you read into the wee hours. It is a very well written, articulate, fast, sexy, smart and streetwise suspenseful mystery. She introduces characters that seem to be very real, and uses the street lingo of the place to make you stay alert. She switches things around a bit, and that keeps you on your toes.

The Book

William Morrow / Harper Collins Publishers
Murder mystery, thriller, and suspense
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Claudia Turner VanLydegraf
Reviewed 2005
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