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Mrs. Jeffries and the Silent Knight
Victorian Mystery Series, No 20

by Emily Brightwell

    Crime is down in London, and Inspector Witherspoon's household is looking forward to a peaceful Christmas. Not long after the inspector tells Mrs. Jeffries about the unusually low crime rate, the constable arrives with news of a murder. The constable tells Mrs. Jeffries the victim is a baronet, which makes this a political case. The House Secretary wants the inspector to travel to Upper Richmond Road and take over the case. In the freezing cold and snow, the inspector and his constable head out of their jurisdiction to work the crime scene. Once there, the inspector finds Sir George Baxton face down in his water fountain, but he didn't drown. The house is full of guests and three middle age daughters still living at home. At the crime scene, the constable takes the lead, and Smyth, the coachman, sneaks around looking for information and clues to give Mrs. Jeffries. Soon the whole clan is on the move, looking for clues and covering suspects. It's a puzzling mystery written to engage and entertain - a strong addition to this popular series.

The Inspector's household is made up of Mrs. Jeffries, widow of a Yorkshire policeman, Betsy the maid, who is engaged to Smyth the coachman, and Goodge the cook, who is known to offer tea and pastries for clues. They continue to remain loyal to their employer and have the ability to get others to do the same - including series followers. Settle down to this one on a cold winter evening and you won't regret it.

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The Book

Berkley Hardcover
October 4, 2005
Historical, cozy mystery
NOTE: Holiday: Christmas

The Reviewer

Brenda Weeaks
Reviewed 2005
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