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Murder Never Forgets

by Diana O'Hehir

      Is it really dementia or is Dr. Edward Day, renowned expert in Egyptology, a witness to a murder?

His daughter, Carla Day, is concerned that her father's Alzheimer's is progressing and the cryptic rantings about a dead woman on the beach mixed with Egyptian trivia are disturbing not only to her but also to the staff members of Green Branch Manor. The staff is recommending that he be moved to a facility where he would get more attention and less freedom. Carla goes to visit her father to find out more about what is going on and learns that there have been a series of "accidents" at the facility and many of the residents are clearly spooked. Carla asks for a job as an aide at Green Branch Manor so that she can help her father and prevent the move. The "accidents" continue and Carla's dad points the blame at the dead woman on the beach. Carla decides that she must figure out what is going on by spying on the staff and the residents, which puts her in a world of danger.

Murder Never Forgets is an exciting amateur sleuth story cast around the fascinating tidbits about ancient Egypt and the challenges of dealing with loved ones as they age. The descriptions of the residents of the Manor are well developed, especially the trio of women who are the best friends of Carla's dad. Diana O'Hehir provides an interesting twist to a thriller in this novel, which I highly recommend to readers.

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Penguin Group
September 2005
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Robin Thomas
Reviewed 2005
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