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Murder on Lenox Hill
Gaslight Mystery #7

by Victoria Thompson

      The Sarah Brant series takes place at the turn of the Twentieth Century. Sarah is a midwife in New York, carrying on the work of her late husband, a doctor. Her wealthy parents resent it and wish she would come to her senses. In Murder on Lenox Hill, Sarah Brandt takes on the case of a pregnant, mentally slow young lady. Her parents want to find out who took advantage of her so they can deal with him. Sarah asks her good friend police detective Frank Malloy for help.

Frank Malloy lives with his mother and deaf son. Sarah's father offers Malloy money to find out the truth about Sarah's late husband. Sarah's father is determined to prove the late doctor wasn't good enough for his daughter. Malloy's pride keeps him from taking the case, but eventually his protective feelings for Sarah has him accepting it. Frank's family goes through changes in this one. His son works on his communication skills at the deaf school and Malloy's mother does her part in helping out. It's a touching part of the storyline.

Murder on Lenox Hill is another impressive addition to this intriguing series. The duo mysteries are page-turners, the historical timeline is fascinating and the characters are credible. The continuing development of the characters is truly fascinating. I recommend reading this series from the beginning. Highly Recommended.

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The Book

Berkley Hardcover
June 7, 2005
Historical Mystery
NOTE: Deaf character / young son of Frank Malloy

The Reviewer

Brenda Weeaks
Reviewed 2005
NOTE: A deaf character is accurately portrayed - uses sign language and goes to deaf school.
© 2005