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No Peace for the Wicked

by Pip Granger

      The year was 1956. The place was the Soho district in London, England. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Robbins lived alone in a small apartment above a bar in Soho and worked for "Freddy the Frock" and his partner, Antony. They were costumers for many theaters as well as dressmakers and designers. Lizzie was separated from her husband, Sid. In fact, she didn't have the money for a divorce even if she knew his whereabouts. Her wages at the shop were small, but she loved the work. It kept her mind off Jenny, her daughter who died of leukemia.

Then, her employers wanted her to increase her skills by learning embroidery and fancy stitchery, which would also increase her wages, never a thing to despise. She was also going to be working in the bar, Bandy's Place, Friday and Saturday evenings. The bar's owners, Bandy Bunyan and Sugar Plum Flaherty, were already old friends, and had long looked out for her. It was about this time that Peace, the half-Chinese, illegitimate daughter of Bandy's sister, arrived from boarding school. She had run away and swore she would never go back.

There was no room for Peace with her Aunt Bandy, with Bandy's new boyfriend sharing a two-bedroom apartment with Bandy and Mr. Flaherty, so Lizzie took Peace in and all was well until the young girl disappeared. Would Lizzie and her new friend, retired cop T. C., be able to find her in time?

No Peace for the Wicked is written by British author Pip Granger. The reader will turn to the dictionary to translate some of the words and phrases into American English, including most of the swearing, but that will not detract from a mystery that is rich in characters, culture and atmosphere. Pick up a copy and enjoy a good mystery!

The Book

Poisoned Pen Press
December 2005
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NOTE: Contains violence, sexual situations, rough language

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Jo Rogers
Reviewed 2005
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