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The Obituaries

By Wm. Anthony Connolly

     Killian Reed is a Chicago newspaper reporter who lives life on the edge. Although most of the demons he faces are of his own making, he is drawn to another kind of evil that has been unleashed on his city. A killer who removes the eyes of his victims is leaving a trail of mutilated bodies. Killian, along with an eclectic group of friends who work together on a small paper of their own, called The Obituaries, decide to pool their resources to find the monster. The Obituaries were previously used in the search for a missing girl.

     Because of their ability to distribute the paper throughout the city, and the freedom they have to use as much space as they want for clues and information, their involvement leads to the case being solved. Killian and his friends hope that, this time, their participation will bring a killer to justice. However, this case will cost them more than they can possibly imagine. The clues are complex and suspicions are high. Not everything is as it seems. Some paths will lead to destruction.

     Author Wm. Anthony Connolly offers a roller coaster ride of emotion and terror in The Obituaries. He builds a sense of fear through his intricate portrayal of an insane serial killer, but he also manages to reach into the hearts of his characters and present their personal struggles in a way that is hauntingly realistic. This novel moves constantly, taking its reader by the throat and holding on until the end. Although The Obituaries is a little rough in places, it is obvious that Connolly is on the verge of becoming a name to be reckoned with in the hard-boiled mystery genre.

The Book

Behler Publications
February 2005
Trade Paperback
Mystery / Thriller
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NOTE: Explicit language and violence.

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Nancy Mehl
Reviewed 2005
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