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Six for Gold
John the Eunuch Mysteries

by Mary Reed and Eric Meyer

      Plague victims litter the streets of sixth century Constantinople. John, Lord Chamberlain to Emperor Justinian, is arrested after he is found standing over the corpse of a senator who obviously didn't die of disease. John is accused of murder, and although Empress Theodora seems intent on seeing him punished, Justinian sends John to Egypt to investigate a strange case of suicidal sheep. While John's friend, Anatolius, stays behind to clear John's name, John boards a ship along with his wife and his trusted servant, Peter, and heads to Mehenopolis. After their arrival, John must sort through an odd cast of characters, including a self-titled magician, a bee keeper, and an exiled cleric. Meanwhile, Anotolius discovers that an assassin has been sent to eliminate John. Anatolius sends John's son-in-law, Thomas, to Mehenopolis to warn the Lord Chamberlain.

Six for Gold has several mysteries brewing at one time: Who killed the Senator? Was John the target of a set-up? How are the sheep really dying and why? Could the unusual case be linked to circumstances in Constantinople? Will John ever be allowed to return home?

Once again, Mary Reed and Eric Meyer give us access to an ancient world through the eyes of believable characters and fascinating plots. They bridge the gap between "history and mystery" with this sixth offering in one of the best series on the market. John the Eunuch is an original and captivating detective who will become one of your favorite characters.


The Book

Poisoned Pen Press
November 30, 2005
Historical Mystery
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Nancy Mehl
Reviewed 2005
NOTE: Reviewer Nancy Mehl is the author of Graven Images and Sinner's Song.
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