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Slay it with Flowers
A Flower Shop Mystery #2

By Kate Collins

     Abby Knight, a law school dropout, is now the owner of a flower shop which she inherited from an aunt. She needs all the business she can get to keep in business. So when her wealthy and spoiled cousin, Jillian, plans to marry, she agrees to do the floral arrangements for the wedding. She also agrees to be a bridesmaid for Jillian. She hopes that this time Jillian will go through with the wedding. Jillian has a history of every year changing her mind about who should be the groom.

     Days before the wedding, one of the groomsmen disappears, and shortly thereafter another member of the wedding party is found dead. Jillian is frantic to replace the two groomsmen so the wedding party is complete, but Abby is frantic to discover the murderer so the wedding can proceed. She can't afford to lose the flower arrangement money. Her investigations lead to the discovery of a prostitution ring operating in her town. With the help of Marco Salvare, a very sexy PI , and her two shop assistants, Lottie and Grace, she finds that the two investigations are linked. Her meddling places her in a few dangerous situations from which Marco must rescue her.

     This is a fast-moving, lighthearted mystery romance with a cast of likeable characters. The dialogue is snappy. Shop assistant Grace is always ready with a quotation suitable for the situation. Abby is an enjoyable meddler whose future adventures will continue to entertain readers.

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The Book

Signet/New American Library/ Berkley
March 2005
Mystery / Amateur Sleuth
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The Reviewer

Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2005
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