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Strange Affair
DCI Alan Banks Mystery #15

By Peter Robinson
Performed by Simon Prebble

     Banks and Cabbot are back. Banks receives a desperate call from his brother Roy, which launches into a search for the missing sibling. Banks discovers that there isn't much of a trail. Banks and Roy are different in character, but Banks isn't aware how much until he delves into his brother's private life. The outcome affects him deeply. Cabbot finds a note on the body of a woman, and he realizes that it's Banks old address-the one that burned down. The envious ex-lover in her wonders if the two are having an affair. Cabbot needs answers, but Banks can't be found. Since his home burned down he's been elusive- unapproachable to her, especially. It's murder, mystery and mobsters-British style. The Banks series is one of the best British police procedurals published. The characters are as complex as the cases. Read the first one, and you'll hunt down the rest.

     The audio book is narrated by Simon Prebble, an experienced reader. His tone is precise, his words perfect. If anyone can take you into Banks world across the pond, he can.

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The Book

February 15, 2005
Audio book / Abridged edition - 6 hours / 5 CDs
British police procedural

The Reviewer

Brenda Weeaks
Reviewed 2005
© 2005