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The Witness at the Wedding
Fethering Mystery #6

by Simon Brett

      This is the newest romp of the Simon Brett family and friends. Try to plan a simple wedding and see what comes tumbling out of the bride's family closet. Carole has a son to whom she has not been too close in the past years, but when he finally gets engaged, she wants to become more tied into his life. She decides that it is proper to help out with the wedding, and thereby finds herself entangled with the family of the bride.

What starts as a joyous event turns deadly when the father of the bride is suddenly killed. Whodunnit, and more importantly, why was it done? Brett is at his very best in this romp. His wit and aplomb are never-ending and always on key. It's a witty, well-written, tight little mystery. Does the son eventually marry into this family? Does his fiancÚ Gaby finally free herself of the nefarious brother and her upstanding Uncle, the Justice of the Peace?

The Witness to the Wedding is a hold-on-tight, sit-up-through-the-night read that you won't want to put down. Enjoyable, fulfilling read that lets you go about your business with a nagging question in your mind: Who are these people?


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The Book

Berkeley Prime Crime
August 2005
Suspense, Mystery
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NOTE: sophisticated, clean mystery of with a murder and a wedding all thrown together.

The Reviewer

Claudia VanLydegraf
Reviewed 2005
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