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Agatha Raisin and the Wellspring of Death
Agatha Raisin mysteries #7

by M C Beaton

      Agatha Raisin has recently returned from her disastrous vacation in Cyprus and relations with neighbor James Lacey are somewhat strained. When her old employee Roy Silver phones her up offering her a PR job for a new water company she accepts to take her mind off things. The Ancombe Water Company wants to bottle mineral water from the spring in the nearby village of Ancombe, but the residents are fiercely divided about whether this is a good idea or not. When the fence sitter is found dead in the spring Agatha is keen to start sleuthing - but with or without James?

Much as I think these books are a fine addition to the genre of cozy crime, the best thing about them for me is the delicious satire. Topics expanded on here include the perils of growing older, toy boys, country life as perceived by city dwellers and - best of all - a hilariously quotable spiel on supermarkets. Ms Beaton has modern village life pegged, with belligerent ex-townies, dyed-in-the-wool country folk and environmental protestors. There is an entertaining whodunit in here as well, which I didn't totally guess, succinct pacing (I was left wanting more) and plenty of surprises. The long-term characters appear like old friends, and every one of these I read seems to be even better than the last. Highly recommended.

The Book

Constable (Constable & Robinson)
27 April 2006
ISBN-13: 9781845293192
ISBN-10: 1845293193
Contemporary Crime - Gloucestershire, UK
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2006
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