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The Burgundian's Tale
Roger the Chapman Mystery #14

by Kate Sedley

      Roger the Chapman shoulders his pack again and leaves Bristol for London - only not to peddle his wares, but to do the bidding of Richard, Duke of Gloucester. Margaret, Duchess of Burgundy is home to see her family and is most upset that the son of her favorite lady-in-waiting has been killed. It is Roger's task to find out whodunit in a mere seven days...

This is always a most enjoyable series with the amiable Roger telling the tale, and what a tale it is! More red herrings than a fishmonger's stall, and surely the series' most intricate plot. Three matching houses, complicated family connections, mysterious disappearances and more besides make this a story that fairly bursts out of a surprisingly slim volume. There is a fine feeling for what it must have been like in London at this time with one glaring error - the sumptuous banquet fare served up by a better inn that could be found today. Surely this must cost a king's ransom to stay in, and what does Roger, a family man with responsibilities, do for money when he is not peddling, as he is not here? This is a bigger mystery at times than the story itself, but it is surely a testament to the rattling good yarn in here that it does not spoil the book.

The Book

Severn House
January 2005
Historical Mystery [1479, London]
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2006
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