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Chaucer & The Doctor of Physic
Geoffrey Chaucer series #3

by Philippa Morgan

      Geoffrey Chaucer, adventurer, poet, spy and now sleuth has just returned from his adventures in Florence (see Chaucer and the Legend of Good Women, also reviewed on this site) when he is off again. This time his destination is Dartmouth in Devon, where a Genoese merchant insists the mayor stole his cargo. John of Gaunt fears for the new understanding between the Italians and the English King, and thus Chaucer has to calm troubled waters. He stays at the house of Richard Storey, whose daughter is going to marry one of his young companions. This is not a happy home and soon there is a murder. Now Chaucer must find out whodunit, and how it has bearings on the other trouble. †

As with the other two, there is adventure here, as well as, a murder mystery, only this time it is the latter which comes to the fore. It isnít too hard to guess whodunit - a more complex story might be a good idea for book four - but this is an amiable series that is sure to have appeal. Chaucer is very much to the fore this time after taking a back seat much of the time before, and he emerges as somewhat similar to his historical descriptions. Part of this is much in the mold of a classic country house murder only with a mediaeval twist which is fun, as is the addition of wreckers haunting the coast, the local witch and trying to spot which tales Chaucer was inspired to write after this particular adventure.

The Book

Constable (Constable & Robinson)
14 September 2006
ISBN-10: 184529310X
ISBN-13: 9781845293109
Historical Crime - 1373, Dartmouth, Devon, UK
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2006
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