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Crimson Snow
A Hilda Johansson Mystery, No. 5

by Jeanne M. Dams

      Swedish emigrant Hilda Johansson is back. She's hesitant in solving South Bend, Indiana's, most recent mystery even though it's her brother's schoolteacher who was violently murdered. Hilda is still the housemaid for a wealthy, powerful family and she has a lot going on in her personal life. She's about to break ties to her old life and hopes her mama understands. Hilda eventually looks into the mystery. Her Uncle Dan does his part, as well. She gathers up enough to reach a conclusion and takes a risk in calling the suspect out.

Crimson Snow is fifth in the Hilda Johansson series. Readers will be pleased with Hilda's sleuthing skills. I consider it a strong, fascinating series. Dams, like many history/mystery authors, informs readers while testing the armchair detective in them. Bravo to Perseverance Press for picking up this series.

The Book

Perseverance Press
September 1, 2005
Historical Mystery / Early 1904 / USA
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Brenda Weeaks
Reviewed 2006
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