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The Deadly Embrace

by Robert J. Mrazek

      It is 1943 and war is raging throughout the world. Elizabeth " Lisa" Marantz has put her studies of forensic medicine on hold to enlist in the WACS. As a second lieutenant, she has arrived in London after her ship was sunk by a German submarine. She is to become part of the Military Security Command, whose prime duty is to keep plans of the forthcoming Allied invasion of Europe (DDay) from the German forces. At first, her only duty is to censor outgoing mail from officers attached to SHAEF (Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces) for any possible information leaks. When two young women attached to her office (both mistresses to high ranking generals) are found murdered, Lisa is relieved from those duties to work with Major Sam Taggart, a former New York homicide detective. Their mission is to find the murderer and learn if the DDay plans have been jeopardized.

The reader is transported back to the time of World War II London in vivid accounts of the Nazi bombing of London. The scenes of the destruction and devastation are graphic and realistic. The reader feels the impact of the bombs and the smell of the ensuing fires and death. The account of the aristocratic party at an elegant country castle, which included more than 100 guests (among whom is King George himself), is rich in detail, and is almost unbelievable in its splendor. A real sense of history is conveyed in the narrative presenting the feelings of sympathizers, both of the Allies and the Nazis.

The characters are richly drawn, especially Liza, a resourceful, capable, intelligent and caring young woman, and Lord Nicholas Ainsley, a troubled young airman with divided loyalties.

Recommended as a trip back to a time in history which has affected the lives of many of us.

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Feb 2006
Suspense [World War II]
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Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2006
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