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Hickey Family mysteries book 4

by Ken Kuhlken

      Twenty-two-year-old Clifford Hickey is an aspiring folk musician. He is taking a last stab at a music career before heading for USC law school. He plans to perform at a jamboree in Evergreen, a small town in California redwood country. He is to stay with his half brother, Alvaro. Alvaro is a combat veteran who served in Vietnam. Shortly after Clifford arrives at Alvaro's, cops storm the set. Alvaro escapes, but innocent Clifford is taken into custody. The sheriff's nephew has been killed. Alvaro is charged with his murder. In a town filled with vengeful bikers, suspicious locals, crooked cops, rogue federal agents, pot growing hippies, and war protesters, Clifford must try to prove his innocence as well as that of his half brother. The odds are tremendous, and his success is sometimes in doubt.

The plot is well constructed with action fast paced and suspenseful.

The characters are fully developed. The author vividly portrays the atmosphere of the 1970's with its war protesters, hippies, and angry citizens, and the social and cultural scene.

The Book

Poisoned Pen Press
Nov 2006
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Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2006
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