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Extraordinary People

by Peter May

      Enzo Macleod is a biologist who gets caught in a bet to figure out what happened to Jacques Gaillard, a teacher who vanished. Enzo is caught up with finding Jacques because Jacques had trained future prime ministers and presidents and just ended up disappearing. Enzo wants to prove that he can find out what happened to Jacques by applying new forensic technology to the old cold case. Enzo ends up on wild, exciting adventures in Paris by solving interesting clues of Jacques’ whereabouts.

As a fan of forensics, this reader finds the interpretation of the clues a highlight to the high-paced adventure. The reader is never sure what Enzo will find next. The setting of Paris is great due to the history and landmarks (i.e. catacombs). Extraordinary People could not really take place in another city. The sense of adventure gets the reader to read quicker, just to see what happens to Enzo and his crew of mystery solvers. The mystery is not easily solved due to several twists and turns hitting the reader.

The Book

Poisoned Pen Press
November 2006
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NOTE: Scottish Young Journalist of the Year Award winner

The Reviewer

Jen Oliver
Reviewed 2006
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