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Eye of the Wolf
Wind River Reservation #11

by Margaret Coel

      In Wind River reservation in Wyoming, Father John O'Malley receives an anonymous voice mail message which leads him to an old battlefield where he finds 13 newly slain Shoshone college students. Their bodies have been positioned as had those slain in battle years ago. The battlefield is the site of the slaughter of an Arapaho Indian village by U S forces aided by Shoshone scouts. O'Malley wonders if this is a revenge killing for the battle that took place between the Arapahos and Shoshones. Shoshone men vow to gain revenge for the murder of their friends.

Arapaho attorney Vicki Holden is drawn into the murders when her client, Frank Montana, is accused of the murders. Vicki and Father John are drawn together again to determine who is attempting to revive the long dormant conflict between the tribes.

As usual with Margaret Coel’s novels there is description of the fascinating setting of Wyoming with great atmosphere. The characters are brought vividly alive with an in depth study of the Indian tribes and mores and conflicts. The action is fast and suspenseful with a sudden explosive ending.

A fabulous legal thriller in a beautiful setting.

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Berkley Prime Crime
Sept 2006

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Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2006
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