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The Heat of the Moon

by Sandra Parshall

      In The Heat of the Moon, Rachel Goddard is on a quest for truth about her life and why she feels all sorts of skitzy inside. She has been having nightmares and day mares since far longer than she can remember and wants to know why.

Rachel lives in a very posh neighborhood with a controlling mother and a sister that she has protected most of her life, but from what? She is starting on a quest and about to find out the dreaded answers.

Rachel is a veterinarian working in a practice that has just been taken over by a new owner, who happens to ring her bells in a very pleasing way. However, in the course of her work, she snags onto a memory that has plagued her since childhood. The nice new owner of the facility is witness to her near-breakdown.

A young child, daughter of the owner of a basset hound patient, almost gets lost in a thunderstorm while the mother is bringing the dog in after an accident. From there, Rachel starts having many more flashbacks than she has had in the past along with an unnerving understanding of these fragments of memory.

She begins to question her own sanity. The final truth comes from one of the memories that she can't let go of, and she confronts her mother. The outcome will both surprise you and leave you aching to forgive, but you can't, because you would be condoning the unthinkable. This is one very compelling, fascinating story that makes the reader dig deep into his own soul to see how they would react if the circumstances were the same. This is a book that you won't want to put down until the last page is read.

This is Parshall's first novel. Well done!

The Book

Poisoned Pen Press
April 2006
Trade Paperback
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Claudia VanLydegraf
Reviewed 2006
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