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Murder on a Hot Tin Roof
A Paige Turner Mystery #3

by Amanda Matetsky

      Murder on a Hot Tin Roof, by Amanda Matetsky, is a real Paige Turner Mystery. By that, I mean the main character is Paige Turner, and she keeps the action moving. Paige’s friend, Abby, drags her off to Broadway to watch Gray Gordon perform as the night’s stand-in lead. He gives a wowing performance. The next morning they drop in to congratulate him and find him dead in his apartment. Paige’s instincts are heightened by this new development, and the New York summer heat wave has she and her dutiful friend Abby hot on a citywide trail to find the killer.

You can feel the heat intensify as they sleuth their way around the Urban Jungle. Their banter is delightful and quick and moves the story along at a fast clip. The sweltering heat wave is not the only thing hot about this book. From the first line, "Danger is a powerful drug...", to the last, the action never stops between these two friends. The tale is pert and funny. I enjoyed the characters for their freshness and enthusiasm. The fact that it was set in the Fifties was interesting because murder, mystery, and the "age of innocence" just seem unlikely bedfellows, even for this fictional tale. It made the story more intriguing to follow and made me want to read more about this trendy female protagonist.

If you get hooked like I did, you can read Matetsky’s other Paige Turners, How to Marry a Murderer and Murder is a Girl’s Best Friend.

The Book

November 7, 2006
Fiction/Mystery - Historical [1950s NYC]
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Nicole Merritt
Reviewed 2006
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