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One Cold Night

by Kate Pepper

      Detective Dave Straus has been unable to solve a case of a missing teen for over a year. Unfortunately, his biggest lead will come when his wife's fourteen-year-old sister Lisa is abducted.

Susan Straus is ready to reveal a family secret to her sister Lisa, a secret that she has never told a soul, not even her husband. When Lisa hears the truth of her parentage she leaves home; finding out that her sister is really her birth mother is a bit more than she can stand. After she has cooled down some she is ready to return home, but she never makes it as she is abducted in front of her sister's store.

Dave and Susan will have to deal with one of the worst things a parent can deal with. However, Dave will also have to face the fact that his wife has lied to him, by never telling him the truth about Lisa's parentage, while trying to find her before it is too late.

Jam-packed with heart stopping suspense, One Cold Night is a book not to be missed. Ms. Pepper has a magnificent way of bringing each character to life in this very fascinating and intriguing tale.

The Book

ONYX Novel
May 2006
Suspense novel
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NOTE: One unforgettable Story.

The Reviewer

Tangela Williams
Reviewed 2006
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