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Out With The Tide
Lubbock and Tench series #9

by Brian Cooper

      The Great Storm struck the coast of Norfolk in January 1953, and more than three hundred people perished in the resulting tsunami. Retired detective John Lubbock finds not only bacon rinds and dead earthworms littering his garden the morning after, but a dinghy with a dead woman in it, a bullet hole in her forehead. This is a job for his protégé Chief Inspector Mike Tench, and one that is going to involve many strange and often exotic elements before its conclusion.

Here is that rarity these days, a straightforward police procedural. This might not seem a great deal to recommend it, but it is too easy to forget how entertaining this sort of thing can be. These seem like most of the police I have met myself, albeit a rather more involved case; people with families, or married to their job, keen on a pint in their local and reassuringly ordinary. No lonely mavericks that can only solve the case once they have been suspended, broken marriages or drink problems. No serial killers, drug barons or terrorism either - but this is 1953. Instead there is a teasing puzzle of a tale with a warring couple whose trail of mayhem leads back to India, and a lot of police work. It reminded me why I started reading crime fiction anyway, and read like a breath of fresh Norfolk air. Although it is the ninth book in the series it is almost totally a standalone, but I will be tracking down the other eight and waiting eagerly for #10.

The Book

Constable Crime (Constable & Robinson)
23 February 2006
Historical Crime [1953, Norfolk, UK]
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2006
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