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Slay Bells
Pennyfoot Hotel Mysteries

by Kate Kingsbury

      Cecily Baxter, formerly Cecily Sinclair, is back along with the Pennyfoot Hotel staff and husband, former butler, Baxter. Pennyfoot Hotel is celebrating Christmas and there are only 3 things Cecilyís wishing for: Baxter to make it home safely, Father Christmas to make his appearance - quickly - and the season to pass without tragedy. Well, one out of three isnít bad, especially when youíre talking about Badgerís Drift and the Pennyfoot Hotel. Itís a season to be salvaged as Cecily and Baxter deal with personal secrets, multiple murders and cranky constables.

The gang is back and as entertaining as ever. Baxter is still the backbone of the bunch - well, when heís not avoiding Cecilyís questions about the French opera singer. Cecily may not own the Pennyfoot anymore, but sheís still the grand dame rescuing - blessing even - those she adores. And you canít help but get a familiar feeling at the sound of broken dishes mingled with arguing voices and a faux French accent drifting from the kitchen. Itís a holiday mystery full of red herrings and holiday spirit. Highly recommended.

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Slay Bells  


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The Book

Berkley Trade
November 7, 2006
Historical Mystery
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NOTE: Holiday read - Christmas

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Brenda Weeaks
Reviewed 2006
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